2019 First VIEWTRADE, ORBIS FINTECH Challenge & Internship Program
2019 Overseas Visiting, Japan
Welcome Prof. Kanji Tanimoto
Welcome Prof. Xiaozhou Zhou
Invited Prof. Kanji Tanimoto from Waseda University to teach "Financial Ethics"(Sept. 18~Nov. 25, 2022)
2022 Master Thesis Proposal
The Joint Workshop between NTPU and Waseda University, Sept. 26, 2023


The Department of Finance and Cooperative Management has a long history of providing students with the highest standard of education. For the past five years our Department has been the top choice of study for new students joining National Taipei University and we recruit students from the top 4.5 percentile of high school graduates. Therefore, we strive to train our students professionally and provide a wide choice of options regarding future career paths. Our goal is to develop our students' professional knowledge in finance, while also providing them with the personal moral values and characteristics that are in high demand by industries around the world.


The curriculum of the department is not only based on providing the needed financial theory for industries but also updating along with current developments in the financial world. Our faculty continuously innovates the curriculum for students by adjusting course material to better meet changes in technology and the world-wide financial sector. Our fluid curriculum also allows students to become more competitive in the global business environment by having the advantage of understanding developing trends and current financial practices. We also provide students with course material that imparts in-depth knowledge of financial products and the implementation of financial policies.


The department provides numerous opportunities for theory to be applied in the real world. We host multiple financial seminars and conferences with guest lecturers, both domestic and international. We also recruit part-time experts from industrial fields, allowing students to explore and to understand financial tools in both domestic and international industries. To achieve the best academic results for our students, we offer several different lecture styles including: seminars, business visits, and lectures hosted by industry experts. We are partners with many domestic and international financial institutions and leading accounting firms, which provides numerous opportunities for student internships.


Students in the Department of Finance and Cooperative Management learn core academic concepts related to finance, statistics, and economics. Furthermore, our department is the only Finance Department offering students the opportunity to study cooperative economics, which provides training in moral ethics and creates numerous opportunities to study non-profit organizations, social enterprises, financial ethics, and corporate social responsibility (CSR).


We continue to produce quality researchers, who have the expert analytical capabilities required for the critical fields of study in finance. We strive to train students who will excel as managers in profit-oriented enterprises, cooperatives, non-profit organizations, and social enterprises. Our focus on providing professional academic knowledge, corporate social responsibility, and real world experience allows our students to shorten the gap between academic theory and practical industry use thus broadening their potential future careers. Ultimately, our graduates help effectively improve domestic and international business efficiency.